A keyboard is a device to input data into the computer: letters, numbers and symbols. Also it is used to control the system, i.e. it is an analog of a computer mouse. Keyboards are wireless and wired. The last is connected to the computer via USB-port or PS/2 connector. Wireless keyboards can be connected by means of a radio transmitter (USB-receiver) or bluetooth. The range is about 10 meters.

As wireless devices have no supply, they need to be recharged separately. For this reason there is a special keyboard battery that you need to charge from time to time or the keyboard operates on batteries.

Nowadays there are a great variety of keyboards for any purposes such as laptop keyboards, gaming keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, thumb-sized keyboards, numeric keyboards and many more.


Keyboard Configuration

Membrane. It is the most popular and inexpensive kind. Each key has a special membrane inside. When you press it, it closes the contact. The life of each key is about 5 million keystrokes.

Scissor. Such keyboards are installed in all laptops. The principle of operation is similar to scissors. Pressing is soft and clear that is very convenient when typing. But it costs more. The service life is about 10 million keystrokes.

Mechanical. It is the best but also the most expensive type. Under each key there is a switch with metal springs and metal contacts. Using this keyboard is easy and pleasant,  you have quite different tactile sensations. But the sound when you press the keys is louder. The service life is about 50 million keystrokes.

Now, let’s define the types of keyboards.


Ergonomic Keyboards

They have a non-standard curved shape, and some models even have two separate parts. Thus, the keyboard follows the natural position of the hands and helps to avoid tunnel syndrome, i.e. a loss of sensation and tingling in the hands and fingers after a long time working on the keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards also keep a comfortable position and a correct back posture. Such a device is a must for those who type a lot of text blindly.


Gaming Keyboards

Such keyboards have more convenient keyboard layout for gamers. Besides, they usually have lights and extra keys (multimedia keys, for example). If you like games and often play at night when it’s dark, illuminated keyboards are the best solution. With the help of multimedia keys you can adjust the volume, change your music tracks and do much more without stopping playing the game.


Lazar/Infrared keyboards

The principle of the virtual laser keyboard is simple and clear. The design uses two semiconductor diode lasers – the “red” creates a projection keyboard and invisible infrared photodetector with infrared radiation determines the key you touch with your finger. While you’re typing a text on laser projection keys like on a common keyboard, the invisible beam analyzes the coordinates of finger position and processes the information in a proper way. When we add the wireless interface Bluetooth, we get a virtual keyboard for all types of devices such as PCs, laptops, PDAs or smartphones.


Roll-Up Keyboards

Such type of the keyboards is really good when travelling. You can roll it up and then unroll when you need. The material of the keyboards is silicone or polyurethane. This prevents damage from debris, moisture. You can easily hand-wash it.


Laptop Keyboards

These keyboards are smaller than the typical ones. The symbols on laptop keyboards are condensed to accommodate less space. By the way, there are extra keys (power, volume, rewind, mute buttons).


Thumb-sized Keyboards

When you use an Android tablet, thumb keyboard will help you. You can even adjust the spacing between the keys. There are also layouts for screen size optimization. You can even choose different themes, wallpapers for the background.

To sum up, when you choose the keyboard, you should know exactly for what purpose you need it and pay attention to the following factors such as type, level stroke keys, connection, design. And then you’ll get a real pleasure from working on your PC.

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