Wireless Keyboard Operation Mode

A keyboard is the main link between a person and electronic equipment of any kinds (from personal computers to mobile phones). It is impossible to work on PC or even play games without a keyboard. Nowadays new wireless technologies have appeared and a lot of devices have lost the wires and become very popular. Among these devices they are the wireless keyboard and mouse.

The wireless keyboard and mouse appliance is not as difficult as you may think. They correspond to the basic concept of wireless technologies, i.e. some data are transmitted from the device to the device wirelessly. Wireless keyboard and mouse are portable devices that is very convenient, especially if you show a presentation at the office. These devices are compatible with most computers. To power your wireless keyboard you have to use batteries.


Wireless keyboard operation is very simple. A common keyboard transmits the signal through the USB cable. But how does the wireless keyboard get power? The data are transmitted through infrared port or radio frequency (RF). Data from the keyboard (transmitter) are transmitted to a computer via USB (Universal Serial Bus) which has a special signal receiver. The wireless keyboard can also use the Bluetooth-technology which can operate at a greater distance from the receiver than the infrared port. The infrared keyboard can operate only in a visibility of the computer (signal receiver). A receiver which receives information processes it and transmits to the computer operating system. The encoded data from the keyboard are decoded and processed by the CPU, as a result, the symbols are displayed on the computer monitor.


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