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To learn to type fast on the keyboard a lot of people join quick typing courses, train and pay for purchasing a variety of educational materials. But you needn’t do it. In this article we will tell you how to learn to type fast. It is noteworthy to mention the benefits obtained by a person who has this skill.

The main advantage of fast printing is time saving. For people whose daily work is connected with typing great numbers of symbols and texts, this ability is priceless.

Learning fast typing you can type texts more rhythmically that in turn will reduce the increasing degree of mental and physical fatigue. You will even get some satisfaction from being alive and free to move your fingers on the keyboard and thus enjoy your work.


If you are looking for a job, this skill can contribute to your employment. It will be certainly a good addition to the other skills and abilities listed in your CV.

Another significant advantage of fast typing is a logical line of thought. Being able to type fast, you can easily keep up with your own thoughts when you write something new. After all, sometimes it’s enough to be distracted for a second looking for the right key and your thought dropped.

Do you know that mastering touch typing method we also concern about our eyesight?

Basic Rules of Fast Typing Method

First, you should remember the key location. We can offer you the following exercise.  Look at one of the three keyboard rows for 10-15 seconds and try to reproduce then in the correct order on a paper sheet. This exercise should be repeated several times for each row. Then you can try on the keyboard. Type the whole alphabet from A to Z. Do this as long as you start to do it fast enough.

Also, for those who want to start learning fast typing, it is important to choose the right tool.  The best choice can be an ergonomic keyboard (where the keys are divided into two empty areas for the right and left hand) or usual curved keyboard.

An important role plays the correct position at the desktop. The head must be on the screen level. The shoulders are down and stretched. The back must be leaned against the chair back. The elbows are relaxed and bent in the right position (90 degree angle). The knees must be lower than the elbows are. The wrists are in natural position. The fingers are slightly bent.


The next important fact is you have to engage in as many fingers on both hands as you can. Some of the training programs for fast typing define the keys for each finger. Of course, a new way will be difficult because to relearn isn’t always easy. But gradually you will forget the two-finger method and start typing by rules.

When mastering the touch typing, it is better not to hurry. Try to avoid mistakes and errors. Of course, speed is important, but it may greatly decrease due to excessive haste and constant editing. In any case, the speed will come with experience.

Regular practice is the basic rule to gain any skills and abilities including the ability to type fast. So if you have decided to learn to type fast, do not be lazy and practice more.


As you can understand the basic rule of blind fast typing is entering the text with all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Each finger of both hands has the certain keys. The fingers must remember the keys in the following order: the index finger of the left hand explores its letters, then the right does; after that the left middle finger finds out the keys, then the right does the same; the ring finger of the left hand examines the key location, then the right does; at last, the left and right little fingers work.

You can practice your typing skills by using certain programs such as typing simulators. There are a lot of them online. You should only want to develop yourself and your skills. Significantly, regular trainings will help you master typing skills for a short period of time. Good luck!

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